Brooke Jewelry is stablished in 1999, Brooke is now one of Bangkok’s leading brands for men’s premium sterling silver accessories, particularly for premium sterling silver cufflinks. With over 2,000 designs of premium sterling silver accessories, Brooke’s extensive collection offers designs from traditionally classic to modern chic.

Brooke is synonymous with pure integrity of silver luster, brightness, careful craftsmanship, and genuine 92.5% pure sterling silver. Every aspect of premium quality extends into craftsmanship, superior service and lifetime warranty. All crystals components in Brooke products are crystallized with Swarovski.

There may be a time when product caring or repair services are needed. Brooke will be here for you when your products need minor repair, adjustment, or a simple cleaning or repolishing.

We will review your products and advise you of the approximate time frame to complete your product maintainance. You can mail in your products to us with a note indicating the require service. Our customer care specialist will contact you to confirm that we receive your products and advise you of the maintenance requirement details.

Thank you for having us as parts of your most memorable and important occasions.

- BROOKE Jewelry